Quality Policy

Quality Policy

With the aim of being a world brand; using the latest Technologies in steel tube and aluminium parts production, valuing employees and environment, responding to Customer expectations at the highest level and aiming continuous improvement, Kalibre Boru takes quality as one of the most important criteria in business. This policy enables Kalibre Boru to focus on the main elements of production and delivery with more confidence;

–  Determining Customer expectations and demands and fulfilling them,
–  Aiming continuous improvement
–  Applying and preserving the continuity of IATF 16949 quality management standards
–  Keeping Customer and employee contentment above all
–  Collective working with suppliers to improve product quality
– To enforce legal and other requirements

With the combination of continuous improvement culture and external audits; Kalibre Boru guarantees a high standard and stable service policy to its customers and suppliers.

The efficiency of the operations is examined continuously according to the current performance measures. The results found from these examinations are used to search for measurable improvements and other opportunities in these operations. Also to improve the efficiency and to preserve the price advantage; creative and innovative solutions in engineering and communication technology fields are being researched and applied.

Continuous learning, employee education and external audits related with these issues are very important for Kalibre Boru. Also environment friendly equipments and improved methods are used to create environment awareness for a healthier and safer environment.