About Us

About Us

Kalibre Boru established its first factory in İzmit Köseköy in 1978 and started to produce cold-drawn tubes with three engineers and one worker. Initially, steel bobbin was produced for the textile sector and then it started to meet the tube demands of other sectors after a short time.

In the light of the continuous development, innovation principles, and soaring demand from the market, Kalibre Boru moved to its new factory in Izmit in 1986. As a result of all these developments, it started to spread abroad and realized its first export in 1994.

Following this export to Germany, Kalibre Boru started to be recognized as a reliable supplier abroad and became the preferred partner of the world’s leading automotive suppliers. After this first export, it started to export most of its production. Today, Kalibre Boru markets its products all over the world especially in Germany, France, England, USA, Mexico, Italy, Spain, Holland, Belgium, Finland, Poland, Czech Republic, Romania.

Kalibre Boru started to produce further processed parts such as deburring, chamfering, vibration, drilling, pressing, and painting at the KTC factory, which was established in 2002 on the needs of its customers in the automotive sector, and started to produce machined parts and cooperate with global automotive and OEM suppliers.

Today, Kalibre Boru, which has an accepted position in the precise tube manufacturing sector in the world, by its innovative and contemporary management approach with the ability to make breakthroughs, its sensitivity to the environment, its leadership in quality systems, giving value to the employees and by its ability to provide customer-centric further process services, continues to grow and bring the added value into the Turkish economy.