Welded and Sized Precision Steel Tubes

Welded and Sized Precision Steel Tubes

Kalibre Boru produces welded precision steel tubes according to EN 10305-3 with a wide range of steel grades ensuring very tight outside diameter and special thickness tolerances. Best weld quality at different outside diameter and wall thickness combinations are obtained through advanced production possibilities and the state of the art welding lines.

The Advantages of Welded and Sized Precision Steel Tubes:

–  Thanks to state of the art technology, more tight tolerances like cold drawn tubes and inner scarfing of burrs can be achieved.It can be realized as tight as +/- 0.03 mm tolerances in outside diameters depending on the size of the tube.

  High-quality customer demands can be met in short time intervals thanks to the wide production possibilities and frequent size changes.

  Thanks to high-performance welding lines, advanced welding quality is obtained in different combinations of diameters and wall thicknesses.As a result, tubes that meet the quality expectations of the automotive industry are produced.

  The advantage of Kalibre Boru is that it does not produce standard tubes in its lines, but prefers to produce tubes with high added value and more difficult to manufacture.Thus, it makes a difference in the production of welded precision steel tubes.